38 Spesh - A Bullet For Every Heathen (Produced by Big Ghost)

Remember when people thought Big Ghost was Donald Glover, that was weird.

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1. Master Your High

Dope intro-y type beat with a slowed down vocal sample and no added drums. 38 Spesh has carved out a nice little lane for himself where he doesn’t really sound like anyone else and has his own flow that is unique, although when I listened to Che Noir, it sounded like she was doing the Spesh flow. I think that’s why people think he is ghostwriting for her. That and the fact that dudes can’t believe when a woman is nice with it. BTW, I think Che is nice with it, I’m going to listen to her more. Hopefully she finds her own voice, because it would be weird if she was just the woman version of 38 Spesh. Anyway, Spesh say a lot of funny lines that I like, like comparing the drugs to edible arrangements. “I pray that the post office don’t take my shit,” is a super real line that I feel man. Waiting days for that package to land is a stressful game. This fool is talking about his girl sucking dick and relates how good she is by say that she stuck her head in the ocean and ate a fish. That’s hilarious to me. He also often rhymes that same pattern the whole verse which is hard and impressive.

2. Free Jewels

Lukey Cage dropping gems on em. Dude is great and his voice is equally cool and funny. Plus they got M.O.P. in the background, which is always a plus.

3. Black Moses

What I love about hip hop is how different producers flip the same sample in totally different ways. I flipped this shit before and the song has a lot of good parts in it to flex with, but Ghost did it tastefully. It’s got a cool groove to it, with the horns and little vocal shits. Giallo did a good job on the cuts, which reminds me, I thought Q Bert's style on the cuts on Flygod were wack. WSG bragged about having the best DJ in the world laced the cuts, and while Q Bert might technically be the best, he’s too squiggly and not actually fun to listen to. Hip hop is about being fresh and having the best style, not being the most technically gifted. That’s what people who like Eminem don’t seem to get. Anyway, that’s for another day.

4. Gomorrah Ft. Street Justice

The piano sample almost sounds like “On the Reels” to me. I like the drum pattern and when the drop out with the organ stab. I’ve never heard Street Justice before and he’s dope. I like when a feature is someone new to you and you get to discover a new voice.

5. Extendos

This beat is naaaasty. It reminds me of some of the beats that Future Wave has been doing on that Yenaldooshi and Boss Sauce, which are both really dope. Spesh is always saying some dope shit. He’s really good at continuing the rhyme for many bars but still saying interesting things, not just filling in the gaps. This song is super dope.

6. Stick N Move ft. Black Geez

This beat is wild intentionally awkward. I think Black Geez was struggling a bit on it. Don’t really like this one.

7. Purple Lotus

I originally thought this was the second part to the last song, but I guess that was just a quick feature joint. Spesh sounds great over the organ and vocal sample. There is a great continuity to this album, and so I don’t have too much to say really. It just dope beats and rhymes.

8. Sorrow

Big Ghost is doing some updated wu sounding shit with the production, which is fitting given his name. It’s impressive to me that he has done different styles of beats with these different projects, but they all work with each other. Like these beats don’t sound like Aguardiente at all. They also don’t sound like the beats that Spesh usually raps over either, so it’s not like he’s just conforming to the rapper.

9. Barbarians

Eto is doing the back and forth rhyme that he did on Hell’s Roof. The “get focused, I’m what focus gets,” flow. This is a more ominous type beat that sounds like some Eto shit. Street Justice sounds good, I’m a fan now. Klass Murda’s verse is pretty dope, but I don’t really like the “if rap doesn’t work out, than I go back to selling drugs,” mentality, because it doesn’t really sound confident to me. Like he’s already thinking about stopping rapping. That makes sense right? Che Noir came in and she isn’t doing the 38 Spesh flow like I was saying earlier, which makes me happy to hear. She has a good voice and all the rhymes were dope.

10. Last Round In The Clip (outro)

Lukey Cage wraps up the album nicely.

This album is a nice addition to Big Ghost’s growing catalog. I was gonna write a little rant about sticking to a theme and not trying to do too much, but Big Ghost already expressed my sentiment perfectly. About the album he writes:

Ever wondered what happened to Hip Hop albums that touched on different emotions n topics? Remember when cats had the street joints...the little club banger...some shit for the ladies...the introspective joint or some shit where knowledge was gettin dropped? Well this aint that dumb shit. Look at this album cover yo.. Do this man look like he tryna heal the world? Like he tryna hit you witta song bout global warming or how you need to work on ya self esteem n shit? You think its some hit records on this muthafucka? Its all murder death kill over here b. Bullets. Drugs. Money. Drug money. More bullets. Bullets that was purchased wit drug money n used to cop more drugs to sell in order to get more money to buy more bullets. This is the range of topics you can expect from this little masterpiece right here namsayin.

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Also one last thing, Spesh and G Rap made this incredible banger together that I play on the regular


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