Billy Danze - Baker's Dozen

Billy Danze - Baker's Dozen

Billie Danze shouldn’t need an introduction. Earlier this year he dropped 6 Pack, which was one of my favorite things to listen to in a while. There’s just something about M.O.P. I’m realizing as I type this, that they might be my favorite group or at least favorite two person combo. Plus I always thought Teflon was super hard too. Remember when Lil Fame rapped over that Sade song? It was ridiculous but still pretty dope. And Billy is responsible for one of the best couple opening bars ever, on Breaking the Rules, “The name’s Bill, What up Bill? I’m a semi-automatic addict for real. Before you test me, know I feel that the impact of a gat when it kick back is sexy.” HARD

1. Bang-Cock

This beat is kinda corny. It’s still hard, but I’m not really feeling the synthy orchestra shit going on. But I might end up licking this shit if I bump it real loud in the whip.

2. Immortal

I’m not really liking these songs as much as 6 Pack. They sound kinda like some 2005 bangers or something. And I don’t like the the singing hook. It sounds like a white dude. I can appreciate Billie trying to make something closer to a hit than traditional M.O.P. bangers but I still don’t really like this.

3. Show Me

Damn. Same thing as the first two. I do not like the hook on this. It has some chick going back and forth with and she’s doing adlibs through the song. I don’t like her voice.

4. What Up Dough (Lose It)

This ain’t it. I’m not really sure who the audience for this is.

5. Mufasa

This beat has some goddamn jungle sounding hi hats that are dumb as hell. Which sux cause the rest of the beat sounds pretty cool.

6. This Thing of Ours

This shit is pretty hard. This is what I want from him. Crazy stabby banger. I fuck with this one.

7. Dinero

This beat is weird but pretty awesome. Ok thank god. I was afraid I wasn’t going to like any of this shit. This is dope too. Funky bassline. If I had to guess I would say this is a Nottz beat. Let me check…..Nope. it some dude named Dezo Williams. I fuck with this.

8. Can’t Change Em

Another dope one. Word up. The heat is starting to catch up to the missteps in the beginning. I would imagine, that he was trying to put his most accessible songs upfront. Thing is, I don’t really want M.O.P. to be that accessible. They make punch you in the face music, which is why I love them. I can’t remember what the sample is, but you will probably recognize it. I used it a while back for the Souls of Mischief album I remixed. It’s at the end of Batting Practice. If you haven’t check that shit, do so. I did my mf thang on that one.

9. What it Was

Fuck yeah. Another one. This shit bangs. Bonus point for saying “Lace up your Wallabees,” and having the beat drop out. Yeah this is the shit I wanted. This fits with the feel of 6 Pack, which doesn’t sound like an M.O.P. record per se, but it a very Billie Danze record.

10. Yeah

This is a very strange sounding beat. I think I like it. It’s bugged out for sure. You’ll have to decide for yourself on this one.

11. Retro

If I was A&Ring this project, I would probably make this joint the single. It’s got a nice piano and overall good feel. I like when M.O.P. raps hard over some nice sounding shit.

12. Gone Fishing

If any other person was rapping over this, then this shit would be wack. Instead it’s a fucking jam. This is the type shit you wish they would play in the club, burt not really, cause someone is getting shot if you throw this bitch. Holy shit, I wanna fuck someone up right now. That pretty little asian girl that owed me $80 is lucky she paid me on Friday, or I might show up to her crib and throw a pie in her face or some shit. Big Goon Tune.

13. Locked in Chains ft. Force MD’s

I’ma give this singing shit a pass cause it the Force MD’s but it’s still pretty fucking soft. These motherfuckers have been crooning for over a minute. Actually dude, no thanks. I don’t wanna hear this shit after the other joints. Stupid way of ending this shit, especially when it’s called Baker’s Dozen, insinuating that the thirteenth joint is for the baker, therefore supposed to be delicious. This is a very moist sounding song. Hard pass.


Even the bad songs aren’t terrible. But if you combing some of the really dope songs, with the songs for 6 Pack then you get a fully strong album. I would do that.


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