Crimeapple and DJ Muggs - Medallo

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

I think it’s cool that Muggs has been working with up and coming artists and giving them a chance to shine, especially because he doesn’t need to do it financially, he probably makes 6 figures a year in mailbox money off Jump Around alone. Although it was a little weird to me when I found out that he didn’t actually know who Eto was until Mayhem Lauren told him. Muggs asked Meyhem who was hot and Meyhem mentioned E. That kinda makes it seem like he’s not actually tuned in to the scene and isn’t a for real fan of these artists. Maybe I’m wrong. Either way it’s what all of the legends should be doing at this stage in their careers. I’m not trying to hear a Papoose and Preemo song at this point. Even that Griselda Primo shit was cool but that seemed more like Preemo trying to ride a wave rather than find new talent and help them come up.

Crimeapple is interesting to me because while I think he is great at coming up with interesting ways of saying regular topics, he seems to be getting more and more wordy in his bars, cramming as many words in as possible, often at the sacrifice of his flow. Very run on sentency. It feels like he is trying to prove just how good he is by saying as much shit as he can. While I think that it is good to try your hardest, I feel like the lyrics don’t matter if the shit don’t sound good. There are a lot of rappers that are doing this right now, Mach and Al Divino, are examples, rappers that bully through the beat and do whatever they want without regard for what the beat is telling them to do. There is a groove and the most skilled rappers find the pocket within the groove. It’s a framework for the lyricist to work around. Sort of like iambic pentameter in poetry. You can use any words you want as long as they work within the boundaries of the beat. Crime sometimes seems to disregard that, spitting free verse. This isn’t always true though, when he get in the pocket his shit is amazing. The wet Dirt song with Skizz is spectacular, as well as the joints with Big Ghost. So that's my opinion thus far, now let’s see what he’s doing on this shit.

01. Medallo Intro

This album was recorded in Medellin, so I’m expecting a lot of Spanglish on this. This intro is fitting, it’s a dude and a kid speaking Spanish. I don’t know Spanish, despite taking it for six years. The only way I passed one year is I had this girl help me right a whole paragraph where I hit on my teacher and said that I like Latina women because they have fat asses. My teacher had the muy guapa culo, son.

02. En Vivo Desde Manrique

This beat is some wild pitched down vocal sample. Speaking of which, Muggs says that he is not using samples on any of these projects, that he is just making the sounds using a computer program. I’m not buying it. I think he is just saying that to not deal with clearance. That’s cool with me tho. Crime is doing the thing I was talking about. Very rambly. He saying cool shit, but it doesn’t have flow. It sounds like he is reading off a teleprompter that is scrolling too fast. I do like how at the end he says, “Go get some fucking deodorant.” I hate a smelly motherfucker.

03. Tiburones

The line about chick popping in a nuvaring is funny. I like the weird squeaky thing in the beat. Crime is riding the beat nicely and I’m feeling this one from Muggs. It’s dark but still has a nice bounce. It’s a head nodder. Sounds like there is a Hus Kingpin jab in there. While I love a good beef, it doesn’t play out well on twitter and makes everyone seem petty. So I wish they would keep their shit on record, and there wouldn’t be a twitter flare up every time an album drops. Shit is lame to me. This song is good.

04. Camisas

This beat is weird but cool. It has the strange awkward piano stabs that are almost corny but actually sound cool. It almost sounds like some shit that Preemo would do and the end of the bar on one of his beats. Spanglishy as fuck. While I think it’s cool and I don’t think he should stop, I’m curious as to what his audience actually think of it. Because American hip hop heads have notoriously been indifferent to non english rap. Is Crime getting a pass because he is from New Jersey, or because they equate the Spanish with him being Columbian and it plays to their fantasies of drug dealing. IDK. But I do know that nobody is trying to listen to a Spanish rapper coming out of Columbia spit. It sounds good when he does it though, and maybe mixing it with English makes it work.

05. Prescription

The Bass on this joint is crazy. It sounds like the speakers are blown out. It’s an interesting technique. I would think that there was something wrong if Crime’s vocals weren’t clean. It reminds me of some weird shit RZA would do. This song is interesting because it’s about women and not getting caught up, but Crime uses so much slang for everything, that the theme could easily go over people’s heads.

06. Villa Hermosa

This is a nice heavenly beat. Crimeapple is doing a good job on this so far. Aside from that first song, nothing has been to rambly. I’m not a fan of the hook on this song. It’s ok but the singing out of key vibe is weird to me. It reminds me of the first time bumping Roc’s Behold the Dark Horse. Every time he starting singing, my girl went off and said “What the fuck is this shit,“ and skipped it. She thought it was garbage lol. Also, the first time she heard Crime, was on a video with Daniel Son, and she said, “I like that dude, he seems genuine.” Keep in mind, she is a 6 foot tall, blonde, sorority girl looking ass white chick, not some weirdo hip hop girl. BTW, most hip hop girls are insufferable. I’m honestly not trying to fuck with any girl that is super into hip hop. My girl really like the Beatnuts Street Level album which is cool tho. Funny enough, in the second verse, he starts doing that rambly shit I don’t like. Guess I spoke too soon.

07. Crazy Eddie’s

These beats sound way better in some real speakers and not on your phone. They are bass heavy, which phones are shitty at. I watched the video earlier today, but I like the song better now on the stereo. The Crazy Eddie hook is great. I like the song.

08. Just Because

I do not like this song. He’s rapping like he wants to use every single line in the world.

09. Acetone Wash feat. Conway

This beat is pretty cool but it’s a very Conway type beat. It’s also a couple BPMs too slow so Conway is just barely floating on it. I’ve noticed this happen when a lot of producers try to mimic Daringer. They make it just a little TOO slow, and it looses some of that bounce. I’m honestly getting pretty burnt out on the Griselda sound. Conway is saying the same shit on everything. And what’s with his shooter always being coked up? It’s starting to feel like they are taking advantage of some kid with a drug problem to do their dirty work. This whole, talking about having a shooter is kind of a new concept in rap. I’m used to the rapper being the shooter, not his coke head friend. I honestly don’t know what Crime is talking about when is he says that he “Throws the blue powder in the air like a gender reveal.” On the surface it sounds like a great line, but what blue powder is he talking about? Is there a new drug I don’t know about. Very curious.

10. 22 Blue Twos feat. Primo Profit

Primo Profit sounds pretty good on this. Raspy and hard like a skinnier Pounds. More word salad from Crime. Like I said before, it’s not that he isn’t spitting, it’s that I think he is sacrificing flow and over all listenability by forcing the words into the bars. It’s not fun for my ears when he does this.

11. No More 2 For 5

This shit is exhausting to listen to.

12. Aguas Profundas

I love these bluesy beat Muggs makes. It reminds me of this old video I saw of him where he was talking about being a huge Rock fan and sampling that shit a lot. It’s still a little too slow to me. I literally sounds like Crime is just talking at times. It’s that slow. I don’t think I actually like this to be honest. I thought I did at first.

13. Bloodtype

This beat is stupid hard. There are a bunch of crazy gunshots going on in the background which add the chaotic feel. It’s kinda stressing me out, but I would like to get real drunk and bump this while going to beat someone up.

14. Tellin Me Lies

Sounds like some Spanish Sade shit. I actually really like Crime on smooth beats. It forces him to slow down and groove with it. I really like this one.

Overall while I think this is another good project from Muggs, I don’t really think that any of them are spectacular. I think Wet Dirt is a better album and Skizz’s beats were better and more interesting. I wish Alchemist would do a run with all these cats because I think he would make a better record conceptually. But I think that this is another great stepping stone for Crimeapple and will only add to his growing catalogue. If you know what the blue powder is, please let me know.


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