Flee Lord and 38 Spesh - Loyalty and Trust

Flee Lord and 38 Spesh - Loyalty and Trust

I don’t really know too much about Flee Lord, other than Prodigy was his mentor. This is the fourth project Flee has dropped this year, but this is the first one I am checking. I heard him on Hell’s Roof, which I didn’t really think that verse was that strong. He has been touring with Griselda and he seems to be a dude that people really fuck with, he seems to have a pretty good reputation, which let him kinda come in after doing a bid and skip the line. I wish there were music magazine like back in the day, so I could learn some more about these rapper dudes. It’s almost as if you can’t even get someone’s story without them thinking you are trying to Vlad them into dry snitching on themselves. I think he is from either Buffalo or Rochester judging from his associations. Eto told me that he was helping Flee put a project together. IDK if that was one of the previous ones or what, but I know they fuck with each other tough.

This whole thing is produced by 38 Spesh. Spesh is from Rochester, and also raps. I did a review of his newest album with Big Ghost, in which I share my opinions on him as a rapper, which are good opinions. I like when rappers produce. Maybe I’m bias because I am a rapper/producer myself, but I couldn’t imagine spending my whole career relying on other people to shape my sound. Although, I do have to say, working on projects with other producers, like Farma Beats and Hobgoblin, has made me come at writing from a different angle. So there is something to be said for working with other people. Hopefully, Spesh is as good at producing as he is at rapping.

1. Loyalty & Trust Intro

This beat is good and works well as an intro. It’s not a crazy banger, more like a medium banger as far as the beat goes. Nice bop to it. “Used top like weighing bricks, now my wife play my shit,” is a good line. I used to think I would never settle down, but if you spend enough time chasing ass, you realize that you could’ve been doing things that are way more productive. Mostly, trying to fuck all the bitches in the world is more about your ego, than actually getting off. Now don’t get me wrong, I strongly think that everyone should go out there and have experiences, PLENTY of them, but don’t let it take the focus away from your dreams. Anyway, I like Fee’s voice, it vaguely reminds me of Fredro Starr.

2. Contract Plus The Bag (Feat. Grafh & RJ Payne)

Right off the bat, I’m turned off by the beat because Big Ghost used this sample on Cocaine Beach. Now while I know it is an inevitability that samples get used more than once, Spesh should’ve not used this, especially considering he just did a project with Ghost. I was gonna say that maybe the rules are different for the younger cats, but then I remembered that Flee is 36. Now Big Ghost did essentially the same thing when he used the Street Smartz Metal Thangz sample, but at least there was a 20 year gap between them.

Funny enough, as soon as I hit play again, the beat switched completely, and all is forgiven. The flip is good enough, that even when it switches back to the Hus shit, it sounds new. I’m cool with it now. I’m assuming this is the same Grafh as the dude from way back when. His verse is pretty dope. RJ Payne is another dude I need to check out. He signed with Benny, but I’ve never heard him til now. He seems pretty cool, although I’ll have to listen to more because I wasn’t totally blown away. It’s some good rappity rap shit tho.

3. Both Views (Feat. Che Noir)

Ooh I like this beat. It’s got a nice bop to it, and the bassline makes it groove along. What I like about these beats, is that they are more like traditional “hip hop” beats rather that the extra slow drumless variety that everyone in the world seems to be doing right now. That shit is cool, but it feels almost heroiny slow sometime. This shit you can actually bump in the whip. Gotta love a love song, when it’s executed properly. I feel like a lot of these rap dudes are so concerned about proving they are tough, and impress other dudes, that they don’t really seem that cool, cause they don’t ever get laid. I’m starting to become a fan of Che Noir. She’s very capable, and has the ill voice. I hope there is a day when fans, including myself, aren’t surprised when a woman rap well. A lot of people view rapping as a masculine thing, but to be technical, it’s poetry dog. Also, 90% of the rapper dudes I’ve come across are closet nerds, obsessed with fashion and impressing other men. Kinda seems like women should fit right in.

4. Kitchen Talk

When this beat came on I didn’t think I was gonna like it, cause it’s some weird synthy shit, but Spesh made the groove so funky that it works really well. It really show the importance of the pocket, because this almost sounds like a late 90s Triton beat that would be super trash if the drums weren’t quantized and Swizz Beatzy. Instead it’s a damn head nodder. I like that it was short too, so I didn’t get sick of it.

5. Benny The Butcher Skit

I don’t really need to review this.

6. Perfect Plate (Feat. 38 Spesh)

Solid verses Flee and Spesh. Good beat. There’s nothing wrong with this song, so I’m gonna move on. Solid album track.

7. Hoody Flee

I’m not really a fan of this rhyme scheme. It’s very nursery rhymey. He does this sometimes. I think he was kinda doing it on his Hell’s Roof Verse. The drums are kinda ridged too, on some Boom Boom Bap, Boom Boom Bap. Not my favorite.

8. Not For Fashion (Feat. Termanology)

This beat is tight. Spesh as an interesting style. He’s actually flexing and doing some interesting things to the samples. Shit, I’d like some pointers. Basslines are ill too. Impressive from an artist’s perspective. He is definitely capable and not just some rapper dude trying to make beats.

“Pop somebody and Flee with the 38,” is a clever rhyme by Term.

9. Loyalty & Trust Outro

He’s doing that rhyme scheme I don’t really like. That might just be his style. IDK.The beat is dope and I like his voice, I just don’t like that cadence.

Overall. I like it. It’s not the most jamming thing in the world, but it is solid. My biggest concern, is that by linking up with Griselda, he is going to continue to flood the market, and I don’t know if I like him enough to listen to 40 albums of it. I’m pretty burnt out on the whole Griselda movement at this point. I know Benny is putting out quality shit, but I’m just getting a little bored. It’s a shame that in order to reach a certain level, you gotta be constantly dumpin on em. I wish these guys could chill and put as project out once or twice a year and have time to experiment and get weird with it. Because it seems like a lot of the same. Still valuable to thew culture what the’ve accomplished.

Anyway, the biggest this to me about this project it that it really showcased 38 Spesh as a producer. I fuck with his beats. And Flee sounds like a solid dude and I will continue to check for his shit.


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