1. Out Of Bounds (Prod. Wun Two)

Very airy, floaty, heavenly type joint. Slow flow, no drums shit. Good way to start this.

2. Marathon (Prod. JuneLyfe)

Wild left field compared to the first joint. I thought there was a commercial pop up at first. This beat grew on me and I like it. It’s just an unexpected synthy joint. At the beginning, Smoovth says it sounds like a horror movie, which it does. It comes together once the drums drop and the rapping begins. Definitely grew on me.

3. Allustrious ft. Eto and Big Twinz (Prod. Giallo Point)

This beat is almost like a darker companion piece to “Sunkist.” It’s all blippy. I like that Giallo provided a joint with some banging drums and bass, because he does the very loopy no drums foreign vocal sample thing a lot. Which is often very tight, but I just sometimes like a good beat.

Hus says some funny shit, even though he’s not really sticking to the street tales concept the Smoovth, Eto and Twinz are doing. It doesn’t really matter too much tho.

This fool said, “You a clown, you get reach arounds, she bleach her gown, when she leave my town.” I like how Twinz came in rhyming off the Bong Jovi line that Hus ended with. All very solid.

4. The Legends (Prod. Stu Bangas)

Ironically, while the last beat reminded me of “Sunkist,” which was produced by Stu Bangas, this one kinda reminds me of something Giallo could make. Stu is real good at getting the drums to knock. This is some crime shit. Hus still find a way to throw a funny insulting line out, “Hole in your hoodie, new fashion, you looking like a Kanye fit, new Willards out the thrift shop shit.”

DISCLAIMER: I am a white person, so I’m not going to write N*****s, but I also feel mad corny saying “N Word,” so in the future if I quote someone who says it, I will replace the word with “Willard.” It rolls off the tongue the same way and I would hope it would be impossible to get offended by. That being said, white people don’t just start saying Willard all the time as a sneaky way of getting away with something. I’m only using this as a journalistic tool to save me from feeling lame when quoting rap lyrics. Back to the program.

5. Hustlers Anonymous ft. Rome Streetz (Prod. Khory Enigma)

I understand why people use producer tags, but it makes the song feel like a mixtape cut. I like the way Smoovth is bouncing on the track. It’s funny to think of Smoovth watching Hocus Pocus, just because I hate that movie and it’s got Bette Midler in it. Rome Streetz comes in skipping on the track damn near doing the old Jay Z, Das Efx flow. It sound pretty cool tho, and it’s only for a second. I like the little haunty vocals that Khory added.

6. Caterpillars ft. Mach Hommy - (Prod. Doktor Real)

I don’t fuck with Mach so there’s that. This one is sorta cool because it’s a driving, faster beat, so he sounds less rambley than usual. I feel like people who like Mach Hommy, mostly just blindly think anything he does is genius, so I would imagine this one will be praised.

7. BDSM Night (Prod. Heat Rock)

“I gotta couple E Pills, we listen to B Real.” Listening to B Real while putting nipple clamps on a bitch and doing some BDSM is a hilarious idea to me. I’m only 75% freaky so IDK what you are supposed to play in the dungeon. The Little Dragon Pandora station always plays some good shit to smash to IMO.

8. The Orchestrated (Prod. Stu Bangas)

This is another heavy hitting Stu Bangas beat. The joint is dope, my only complaint is that I thought the hook was not the hook. Smoovth and Hus have the type of chemistry that comes when you are actually friends with someone. Like they don’t rap the same, but the rhymes get along with each other.

9. Way Up (Prod. Hobgoblin)

I love this sample. It’s interesting because this is different then what I’m used to from Hobgoblin. I just did a whole album with him, and it was all crazy sinister beats. This is some beautiful shit. I’m not complaining. Great feel.

10. Medusa (Prod. Bohemia Lynch)

The drums on this one are super skittish and make it a little hard to stick with. I appreciate the effort but it’s difficult to fully vibe with. The sample is super smooth too, so it make you want to float, but the drums sound like they are going backward and forward at the same time.

11. Blooming ft. V on Poe VII - (Prod. The Standouts)

I like this beat a lot. I think this one is almost perfect, but honestly I don’t think Von needed to be on it. It’s a good feature, but his tone and delivery don’t really match with what Smoovth and Hus are doing, so it kinds just sounds like a tacked on 3rd verse for the hell of it.

12. Wilson Fisk Meets Manny Merengues (Prod. Hobgoblin)

This is more like the type of beats I’m used to by Hobgoblin. I really like the Method Man sample, he just says “Fucking,” but it sounds cool. I also like that they left in the comic book shit in there. This one is dark and dope.

13. Locked In ft. JuneLyfe (Prod. Level 13)

I fuck with this beat. Hus has a knack for picking these dark but dreamy beats. Shit is mellow and groovy, and because of that, I don’t think JuneLyfe sounds right on this. IDK if the vocals on some of these features are being mixed in different places, or I just want to hear Hus and Smoovth only, or what. JuneLyfe sounds cool, but he’s too in your face for the beat to me. This opinion is subject to change once I get drunker and go bump this in the whip.

Overall there is plenty of material to sink you teeth into. Ironically, while Hus has done so much to put people on, the features are my least favorite part of the project. I really like the Eto, Twinz and the Rome Streetz ones, but I already really like those dudes. I’ma have to check out the other dudes more, minus Mach, because but Von and June can rap, I just didn’t like them on these.

Favorite Track: Allustrious


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