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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Here a first listen review of Hus Kingpin's new joint

1. Mardi Gras feat. SmooVth (prod. by JuneLyfe)

Hus has been progressively getting nastier with his rhymes, and by nasty, I'm mean sexual. I like it. He sounds super confident and it almost goes by without you realizing that he's talking about some s&m shit. The hook is him just saying hes going to add a third set of titties to the fuck fest and it with be like Mardi Gras. Smoovth comes in being smooth, not rapping about freaky shit like Hus. It will be interesting if that the way the entire project will be or if anyone is going to go along with the sex style. The beat is pretty cool. Some orchestral shit, not mind blowing but cool.

2. Ghost Of Camay (prod. by Mathematics)

It nice to see Mathmatics being involved. Since RZA is complete garbage for the past decade or more, no one is gonna go to him for some Wu type shit. Someone on twitter said this project is like a Wu affiliate album, which I can see. Mathmatics is using beatboxing for the drums reminiscent of a DOOM beat. Me likey. Its even got some howling vocals that sound like Cream almost. I shouldn't be too surprised judging by the title. Hus going full sex style on this, talking about squirting and shit. It's a refreshing break from all the coke rap everyone is doing.

3. OG 2 Tone & WAVO feat. Compton Menace (prod. by Prynce P)

What cool about Hus is that he doesn't just fuck with the same 5 dudes that everyone else is. I've never heard of Compton Menace and he's dope. Hus is like an A&R in a lot of ways. He's very aware of talent without just following the dudes that are popping at the time. I kinda have a feeling that the line about "your favorite rapper has man titties," is a jab at Crimeapple who he's gotten into a few back and forths with on twitter. It's funny none the less. Beat sounds almost like Dead Presidents

4. Benzomethylecgonine feat. Estee Nack (prod. by Fortes)

I really like Fortes' beats. They are a little more epic than most underground shit. Estee Nack is doing his thing with the run on flow. Nack has because a feature work horse and I support it because I bought a verse from him and he fucking sent me the verse the same day. I'm used to having to sweat these rapper dudes so it was surprising but nice. Hus calls himself the "Slut Walker" and slapping hooters. You can tell Hus is trying to make a new type of album, not the same album back to back.

5. Ultra Slime feat. Chuuwee (prod. by Scary Hour)

Chuuwee's verse didn't really impress me. I'd have to hear more to really form an opinion, I just know that when Hus came in over his last line, I was happy to hear another person rapping. I like how Hus addresses snorting coke, because a lot of these rap dudes be coke heads but try to act like they are only dealers, and to be honest it is difficult to be around that shit all the time and not dabble. I mean when you hit the plug, you gotta test the shit to make sure it straight and he's not trying to fuck you, which they will all do if you are just picking up without sampling. Plus you look kinda suspect if you don't try it. Then if you are serving a party, sometime you gotta do some because a lot of these kids don't want to feel like you are looking down on them and if you do a little, they will buy more. So its a whole thing. But Hus says he had to quit cause he felt broken. I feel that. As you get older that shit will have you bed ridden for most of the next day. It seems like a good idea and it is and easy way to get some pussy, cause bitches love it, but in the end, it is better to just enhance your macking ability, and pull them without. You'll just end up drinking twice as much and probably smoking a bunch of cigarettes.

6. Sunkist (prod. by Stu Bangas)

YO I love this beat by Stu Bangas. It pretty but weird, kinda like my bitch haha, whoops I think my buzz is kicking in lol. The Oprah line is real talk. I real fuck with this beat. I'ma take another shot. Something that I identify with Hus about is not being one of these rapper dudes worried about who got the dopest freestyle, rather getting pussy and living the high life. To me rap should be a reflection of you lifestyle, and a lot of these dudes is dweebs, concerned with the opinions of other men. That shit is wack to me. Hus' music is for people who fuck not freestyle. "Money might make her fuck, but won't make her squirt"

7. Sky Closers feat. Killah Priest (prod. by Prynce P)

I love hearing Killiah Priest. Great voice, and it's nice to hear him not do the religious rap. That shit was cool but couldn't last forever rapping about the Macabees. Heard that fool Beanz on this one too with her big tittied ass. Hus keeps it sexual so I guess he is rocking the style all the way through.

8. The Conversation feat. Kxng Crooked (prod. by Scary Hour)

Crooked's verse was cool but it's a little too "lyrical miracle" for this project. The whole Kingpin essence is like super dripped out, mad high, wild confident, almost anti lyrical, in the sense that he come across so confident that rapping words good isn't even the first priority. This is essence rap. The vibe is mad cocksure, like when you've hit like 4 or five bitches that week and it's a Tuesday. "I rock a bear coat to keep me woke" and "My surf board is lizard" "I need gluten free pussy, non gmo" are great lines.

9. Scorpion Dragon feat. Mav (prod. by ChopHead)

I really like Mav. His album with Hobgoblin is the reason I reached out to the Goblin to do a project. I like how you can tell he's got a little age on em. I think older rappers are cooler in general. Maybe I'm biased because I'm old too, but even as a young buck, I looked up to the older gods. I was always the young one in the crew and I think thats how I learned to be cool. I like how Mav too got on some sex rhymes to fit the wave. I love the way Wavo says "You fucking rappers" like it's an insult.

10. Hempstead Pt. II feat. SmooVth (prod. by Scary Hour)

Beat hard. I appreciate Hus and Smoovth's relationship as friends. Shit is rare. Both are both spitting mad casual, but still very potent.

11. Wisewave feat. Bronze Nazareth (prod. by Bronze Nazareth)

Very Wu-y beat sure but I've never fucked with Bronze as a rapper. It is what it is, but I don't think he's gonna change my mind at this point. Wavo sounds good on a faster beat. This could've been a favorite with someone else on it other than Bronze Nazereth.

12. Gargoyle Ceremony feat. $auce Heist & Virtue (prod. by ChopHead)

I like everything about this song until Virtue. He sounds like some weird Flatlinerz, horror core shit. Especially since the next song immediately goes back to some smooth shit with PA on it.

13. Luxury feat. Planet Asia (prod. by DirtyDiggs)

Planet Asia is always dope. "Sex, water and sleep, and good eating" that's the secret. Hus is doing what he done the whole album, saying freaky sex shit. Except this time is over some super smooth shit, so it almost fits better than the other songs.

14. Killers Theme feat. Wu-Syndicate (prod. by AK)

This is why Hus Kingpin is cool, is that he actually go and get the Wu Syndicate and work with them rather than just be influenced by them. It's nice to here these dudes again. Their album was one of my favorite Wu affiliate albums, and they actually sound good, un like most of the actual Wu members these days. Joe Mafia's voice sounds like another rapper that I can't put my finger on. It's cool that they have changed but still sounds good.

15. Pyramid Prism feat. Fashawn & Guilty Simpson (prod. by Gabdullah)

I really like Fashawn but I don't think he floats on this the right way. He seems to lock in a little better about halfway, but it's not right to me. Beat is tight, but is the same sample as a DOOM song, Fashawn did two verses, the second one is way better and sounds good. Guilty is good on this but the way he bullyies a beat, he kinda can just sound like Guily over any beat.

Album is dope. I'm so used to short ass projects that this seemed to take forever, tho it will probably be a good thing once I get it in the car to have more to rock with

My favorite song is Sunkist produced by Stu Bangers.

One last point I'd like to share is that I don't think this cover is representative of the sound of the album. It does show the weird dichotomy of Hus Kingpin tho, because even tho he is super sexual, he is kind of morbid and dark. I guess that's where this comes from. I just think something else would've fit the vibe better.

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