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I been a fan of Milano since I heard “Rep For the Slums.” Showbiz has carved a nice little spot for himself continuing the DITC tradition. He seems to be the only one really holding down DITC at this point. Diamond D has been in Atlanta for IDK over a decade, Lord Finesse and Buckwild are around kinda, but not really. I have heard too much from Buckwild since he dropped that joint with Mayhem which I think was cool, but I didn’t really like because Meyhem wasn’t that good at rapping yet.

On a side note, Meyhem is by far the most improved rapper I’ve ever heard. He was always good with words, but his flow used to be terrible to me. On Dr. Lector and Mandatory Lunch Meetings, he just sounded mad awkward, like he couldn’t find the pocket, and it made me think he was a secret nerd or something. I now know that isn’t true and his shit with Muggs and the joint he did on Omerta are all great. While I have strong opinions about rappers, I would prefer them all to be good at what they do, because I like listening to good rap. The opposite of hating. So big up and congratulations on Meyhem Lauren for getting better, and becoming listenable.

Anyway back to this Milano tape.

01. Guillotine

Showbiz is tight. The mix on his beats is just more professional than these underground dudes. Like this beat is low key, but still sounds big and grimy yet polished. Milano is super flowy in a good way and fits perfectly on the beat. Are “butterscotch mimosas” a thing tho? That sounds made up to me. Nice Wally line always warms my heart. This song is one long ass verse, and works as a great intro to the album. If this is setting the tone, then I’m exciting. Hopefully they don’t fuck it up.

02. The Gospel

This beat is hard too, and uses a gospel sample, fitting, with pianos and sloppy drums that make it bounce nicely. I like how Milano mentions James Cleveland, too many rappers seem to be clueless about music outside of rap. Show is freaking the kicks impressively, and you can tell he has full control over what is going on in the beat. It shows once again a level of professionalism that goes with being in the game for so long. I was about to write more, then the next song came on and my head started jerking uncontrollably. So on to the next one.

03. Boulevard Author

Jeepers creepers this beat is dope. Showbiz is a king at the spooky banger. Milano is just saying wild fly shit then all of sudden mention that he found a lump on his throat and found out he had Lymphoma. This goes to show that you never really know what going on in these artists’ lives. You just expect them to be a kingpin all the time, but life gets real on the in between. The unfortunate part too, is that these journalists be trying to Vlad you about the dirt you do, so all the rappers be afraid to speak about there lives and shit. So you don’t really get to know the real personality, only the persona. Anyway bump the shit out of this song cause it’s fire.

04. Chips

More heat from Showbiz. I kinda feel like this is the most personable I’ve ever heard Milano be. Going into this project I was going to not that while I’ve always thought he was super good at rapping, that it was mostly just fly rhymes and I didn’t get much personality from it. Just very rapper dude essence. And I think that about a lot of rappers that Showbiz works with. David Bars is another example of a dude that can rap real good, but I don’t get a definitive point of view from him. This album is changing my opinion about Milano tho, and little lines like “I’m in a foreign looking fake,” are funny and show an interesting wit that I like.

05. Tears

This is the first smooth song on the album. It’s cool but compared to the other joints so far, I’m not really feeling it. I think Milano’s voice and flow goes better on them spooky joints, because he is already so smooth, he doesn’t really need the smooth beats. It’s like how M.O.P. sounds good on smooth sounding samples because they are so hard. Dichotomy ya’ll.

06. Above Average

Uh oh. Another smooth joint. This one I like better cause it has a nice level of 80s cheese on it. I like beats that are a little cheesy sometimes, but just a little. Like a sprinkle of parmesan. I think only this one it’s the bass tone and the reverb on the snares, making them kinda watery. Yeah I actually fuck with this one. Makes me happy. I’m still ready to get back to the face scrunchers tho.

07. Champion Sound

This isn’t a spooky banger like I was hoping for, but it’s still a banger, and has cool muttled horns and crashes and shit. Sort of what you would think of when you think of what a banger is supposed to sound like. Very “drive around with the windows down feeling spectacular,” type beat.

08. Reminisce

This is another smooth joint and I’m starting to get a little annoyed. This happens a lot with albums, where they set a tone, then completely switch the shit up mid way. The fucked up this is that if they just put out two projects, one hard, one smooth, I would probably be feeling these smooth joints more.

09. Stripe Bass

This beat is on some fusion jazz shit. Sounds like a DOOM, Special Herbs beat. Idk, I think I might be hungry too and getting grumpy. Don’t really care anymore. Not holding my attention like I hoped it would.

10. Opportunity

Same shit that’s been going on.

Well shit. I’m a little disappointed, but honestly this is kinda how all of the Milano albums end up being to me. I think at this point I need to put together a compilation of all the grimy Milano joints and make my own tape. I wish people would stop trying to make well rounded albums. Especially when the whole joint is only 30 minutes long. That’s not long enough to have multiple vibe really, Milano is a super talented rapper and Showbiz is a legend, but I wanted a full tape of spooky bangers. You should listen for yourself though because even the songs I’m kinda shitting on are pretty good and you might like them.


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