Skyzoo and Pete Rock - Retropolitan

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

What up people. I decided to give this new Pete Rock and Skyzoo a burn. I'm hopefull, but Pete Rock be saying a lot of dumb shit on social media so IDK he might be wack now.

1. Men like us (intro)

It’s an intro, pretty unnecessary considering that the next song has a 55 second long intro of Miles Davis

2. Glorious

This beat is pretty fucking dope. It’s got a bunch of vocal stabs and a lot of little sprinkles that make the beat fun to listen to and not boring. My biggest concern about this album is Skyzoo. I really like his voice, and he always sounds like he is saying dope shit, but nothing ever actually resonates or sticks in my head. He does this thing where he uses a lot of alliteration and repeating of the same words in different ways, sort of like “Part of me is in the part of we, that partially part the sea, when I park the V.” Shit like that.

3. Truck Jewels

Pete Rock at least seems like he is trying to do new interesting shit, unlike say Preemo, who has been making Preemo-esque mediocrity for a decade. Head nod, good song. Sky sounds confident. It’s nice hearing Pete Rock rap. I think the interlude at the end of this song is garbage and sounds like a 14 year old made it.

4. Carry on the Tradition (Ft. Styles P)

I don’t really like this beat. It’s kinda hectic and it’s weird that he left all the talking part of the Mountain break in there. It clashes with the vocals. I think it was a creative decision, I just don’t like it. Styles P’s verse is dope, I actually think he has continued to get better over time. Maybe it’s the juice bar.

5. Homegrown

I really like Gil Scot Heron.

The whole Cannonball Adderly line is a little snobby or self important. I’m starting to get a grasp on some of the issues I have with Skyzoo. I’m not really a fan of rappers who think they are going to be over my head. Most of the time they aren’t and I’m left there saying, “Yeah I get it.” Like shit is clever, but it not genius, and it’s a little insulting to the listener to act like we are to dumb to process your super lyrical miracles. Shit like that makes it go from confident to cocky.

I also, don’t think the “What’s going on,” sample sounds good musically.

6. It’s All Good

This beat is an old SP-1200 beat Pete made back then. It’s fire and has the great feel that he is known for. The piano almost sounds like the same sample Preem used for Up Against the Wall. I fuck with this song.

7. Ten Days

This beat is weird, but pretty banging. Very floaty, like a space banger. I would probably like this album better in the whip. I could see myself blasting this shit and yelling at bitches.

8. Richie

Pete is still nice with the basslines. This is more solid shit. Now that I’m over halfway in, I’m starting to get an overall feel, and I like it. I think they are a good combo. This is some more pretty piano shit.

9. Penny Jerseys

This shit is jamming too. I kinda want to burn this shit so I can drive around and look at some ass. Maybe it’s because it was 85 degrees today, but this shit sounds real summery to me. They should’ve released this shit like two months ago.

10. One Time

I like everything about this song except Raheem Devaughn singing “One Time” at the beginning. That made me think this song was going to be wack, because I don’t like R&B singing ass hooks. But the hook part is done pretty tastefully. He start singing at the end but you can just skip that part. It is kinda weird to me to put this song before the one featuring all the gangster rappers. Not the best sequencing choice IMO.

11. Eastern Conference All-Stars (Ft. Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny, and Elzhi)

This song is way better than the song Griselda did with Preemo. I say that because Pete Rock and Preem have long been pitted up against each other in the great battle for Goat status. I like Preem better over all, but like I said earlier, he has been mediocre for a decade now.

I get that the album is called Retropolitan and it’s supposed to be throwback, but I’m not really with rappers purposefully trying to induce nostalgia. I think it’s because I’m not some 20 year old nerd and actually got to listen to the classics when they dropped, so I don’t need someone to explain it to me. Sometimes it can come across as pandering. I think I would be good living the rest of my life without another rapper saying he’s “like Nas in 95, or Big in 97.” Sky has a Nas line, Benny has a Hov line, Conway has a Big line. Just saying.

Elzhi is the best rapper on here, as is usually is. This album would be a straight classic is it was an Elzhi record. Pete Rock should do that. To me Elzhi is doing what Skyzoo thinks he is doing. They are both saying a lot of ill shit, but with Elzhi, there are for real punchlines that stick with you. Like after one listen, I don’t remember really anything but Elzhi rhyming “piranha bite.”

I’m just now remembering that the first time I heard Westside Gunn was on a song he did with Skyzoo and I thought his verse sounded like a gangster baby lol. Like the baby that sold Chapelle weed or something.

At least this time Gunn said “Mannequin” right.

12. Audacity of Dope

Good as a closer

Overall I think this is a very solid album, that a lot of people will like a lot.

Other notes:

1. Pete Rock is a legend, but he is also super lame on social media, and I had to unfollow him because I got tired of him defending Bill Cosby and MJ. It’s a shame cause it makes him seem like an old head that’s not really that cool of a person. Posting dumb ass memes and shit.

2. I think the best way to listen to Skyzoo is to think of it as a vibe. You might not pick up what he’s putting down, but it sounds like some good New York shit. Or maybe I’m missing something and other people know what the fuck he saying.

3. You know what a really tight Skyzoo song is? Beautiful Decay produced by 9th Wonder. I like that song.


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